What Is Sāmāyika Used For?

Sāmāyika is part of Jainism, a vow to focus or concentrate during a specified period of time. Every Jain must do so, and is considered one of the mandatory duties of and ascetics and householders. This could also be referred to as meditation, one that begins to peer into the state of your own being. You want to become one with samaya, and is also a time where you are refraining from any type of injury. It is stated that you must observe this time three times a day. They are supposed to renounce attachments, practice periodic concentration, all designed to discover the true nature of the self.

How Long Must This Be Done?

It is practiced during a time period which is called antara-muhurta. These words translate to 48 minutes. This is the duration of time that must be done every single day, and its function is to help deviate the mind from the routines and thoughts of the day, allowing this concentration time to help you rediscover yourself. The procedure for doing this requires the practitioner to sit down where they will recite a mantra. This must be done a certain number of times, and this will eventually lead to a holy meditation. The posture of the person is very important. It seems that both your sitting and standing posture must be exact. It is thought that the form that is assumed can actually allow the energy of the universe to flow more freely, allowing those that practice this to more quickly move toward enlightenment.

What Are The Great Vows And Transgressions?

The great vow is not actually a vow but a way of living. It is a way of avoiding problems such as a lack of restraint. Transgressions are the things you must avoid in order to use this time wisely. If you are fixated on the problems of your day, or if you are wandering with your mind while you are supposed to be concentrating, it’s going to be very difficult to benefit from this meditation time.

There is a list of transgressions that are part of the samayika meditation. Transgressions are simply things that should not be done. A couple examples include how your body needs to remain completely still, and that you should not be prideful about your own birth. There are many other transgressions that you need to avoid. This will allow you to deviate your attention from the self and embrace the true nature of reality. It is by doing this every day, specifically focusing those 48 minutes on discovering who you really are, that you will be able to eventually break free of the cycle of death and rebirth.