What is Parasparopagraho Jivanam?

Parasparopagraho Jivanam comes from ancient Sanskrit. The words when translated into English roughly means that ‘everything in life is connected and dependent on each other’. This philosophical religious style of thinking believes that everything is important, everything has a soul, even a microbe or a worm or a beetle, all the way up to human beings. Followers of Jainism believe that science should be achieved through the observation of the things that exist without disturbing them.

Modern science studies things by doing just the opposite which is disturbing them for the purpose of observing. Some people say that Jainism represents the earliest belief that there were unseen microorganisms that existed and has therefore been attached to the earliest beginnings of modern science. Of course, the big thing that stands between this philosophical religion and science is the belief that observation should be done without disturbing the nature of things.

Modern science believes that disturbing things and seeing what happens is the best way of progressing scientific knowledge. Most modern science prefers to see itself as disconnected from philosophy or religious thinking. Those who follow the ideas of Jainism typically stress the ideas and philosophy of nonviolence and protecting nature and the natural harmony that it has created.

Declaration Of Nature

According to one of the leaders of this philosophy, if someone fails to recognize the interconnectedness of vegetation, air, water, and fire, they fail to understand the fundamental truths about themselves and their surroundings. This philosophy believes that everything that exists is dependent on one another and for that reason when the nature around us is not cared for then we put ourselves in jeopardy.

Jainism Motto

The actual phrase Parasparopagraho Jivanam is considered the motto of this philosophy. The center of this philosophy is about the harmony of nature and the pursuit of non-violent acts and that motto is considered its epiphany. It is said that this motto has been adopted and accepted by all sects and versions of this philosophical pursuit.

Anyone claiming an understanding of this phrase will believe in the preservation of nature and the ways of those things and circumstances found in nature. To disturb the harmony of one thing is to disturb the harmony of all things. Caring for and protecting all things in nature is thought to be the path to caring for oneself.

This philosophical religion from India simply teaches to love nature. Understand that all things including people are interconnected with all other things. It teaches that everything from a microscopic organism to human beings are important.

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