Understanding Jainism: The Six Essential Duties

In Jainism, there are six essential duties that are considered fundamental for householders. Here is a brief overview for anyone who is trying to gain a better understanding.

1. The first of the essential duties involves worship of Panca-Paramesthi. These are the five supreme beings of the religions. They are:

– Arhat

– Acarya

– Siddha

– Upadhyaya

– Muni

One way to fulfill this duty would be to mention each of these beings while you are performing meditation rituals.

2. You must follow the preachings of the Jain saints. There is no way to regard yourself as a true follower if you don’t make it a point to adhere to this golden rule. Keep in mind that this is not something that can be forced and one should have a sincere desire to follow this.

3. One must study Jain scriptures as much as possible. This does not mean that you have to consume yourself with these teachings during every waking moment, but it should certainly be a part of your daily activities. The scriptures are available in many languages, including English, Sanskrit, Tamil and Hindi.

4. Samayika is the next step toward fulfilling all of your duties. This involves meditating and achieving a true state of serenity. Householders should practice this duty at least three times each day. This takes about 48 minutes daily, so do what you can to fit this into your schedule, regardless of how busy you might be.

5. While living life, it is important for one to remain disciplined. This is part of many religions, but it is crucial when it comes to Jainism. This is applicable to all areas of life, including work, school and home.

6. Charity is a non-negotiable part of Jainism. In fact, there are four types that need to be performed:

– The giving of knowledge to others.

– Donating medicine

– Offering food to those who need it, including animals.

– Saving the life of any kind of living being and protecting those who are at risk.

Whether you are merely curious or you are a new follower of this religion, you should now have a great deal of insight about what is expected of householders. These six duties are an integral part of showing your dedication. Again, these are essential and a must for those who are faithful followers of this religion.