Terrorism Continues Unabated Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

One might think that even terrorist organizations would take heed of COVID-19 preventative measures to ensure they live to fight another day — but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, terrorism continues to plague countries like India. Indian Permanent Representative to the U.N. T.S. Tirumurti believes that India is home to nearly every religion in the world and that many pacifist religious communities (such as those who believe in Jainism) are among them.

Tirumurti said, “We now have countries taking advantage of the ongoing pandemic and spreading divisive hatred to other parts of the world on the basis of religion. COVID has not prevented them from supporting cross-border terrorism to kill innocent people and spread religious hatred.”

He acknowledged that anti-semitism was a large part of the problem in other countries, but not India. He explained: “I also come from a country which does not have any trace of anti-semitism.”

He was referring to India’s large Jewish community, which has thrived inside the country’s borders since before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jain followers believe in peace more than anything else, and strive to live in harmony with all creatures big and small. They are notorious for this peace, and very few followers in Jainism ever turn to more radical beliefs — especially those that condone violence and terrorism.

Speaking of active terrorists around the world, Tirumurti said, “We ask them to look inwards to promote harmony within their own societies, stop sectarian violence and ensure the protection of minorities. We believe it is important for the United Nations to speak decisively and not take sides with one group of religions vis-a-vis the others or justify terrorism in any way.”

Are you interested in joining the fight against terrorism? The first step begins at home! Put out your hand for members of other communities and educate yourself and others on the various differences that make us unique — because we are stronger when we embrace those differences and the ones who hold them.