Why Would Loving Parents Renounce Their 3 Year Old?

In Madhya Pradesh, a couple has renounced their three-year-old girl and all of their property that is worth Rs 100 crore in order to be Jain Monks. This has prompted social activists to appeal to the National Human Rights.

The couple, Sumit and Anamika chose to become monks when their daughter was just a mere 8 months old. They prepared for the change by beginning to live separately. Married 4 years ago, they have taken a vow of silence.

As a teen, Varshil Shah San Antonio scored 99.9 in Class 12 and later announced that he would renounce the world to become a Jain Monk. In order to “attain and maintain peace,” he believed that this was the only way.

His family also follows the Jain principles of Jivdaya or “compassion for all who are living”. They restrict the use of electricity in the house and they believe that too many aquatic animals are killed by processing power generation. This is against their beliefs of non-violence.

Jainism Monkhood is perhaps one of the oldest religions in India and it’s followed by less than one percent of their population. They must rise above their corporeal existence.

While they worship deities, they don’t believe God as the creator, the protector, or the destroyer. Per the book, ‘Faith and Philosophy’ authored by Arun Kumar, the preachers are only those who have managed to attain the ideal knowledge and mastered self-control. In short, they have achieved moksha which is considered to be the “ideal state of being”.

It is the belief of Jains that each and every living being has a soul and this is why their devotees are all vegetarians. They also won’t eat root vegetables like onions or carrots. Many also believe that animals that are in dairies are subjected to cruelty.

Prior to becoming a monk, they must go through a Diksha ceremony. This is the last rites in which they can indulge in any worldly possessions and they must devote themselves to a life of spiritual fulfillment that will include celibacy.

Many will take out an oath of varghodas and mark the ceremony by throwing out all of their money, their utensils, their clothes and anything else to the general public.

They must repent each morning and decide how to eat their meals and drink water.

Becoming a monk means that they must follow the principles of non-violence and tolerance. They will cover their mouths with a bit of cloth after the ceremony in order to assure that they aren’t swallowing any living creature when they speak. If they accidentally sit on an ant, touch a flower or a person that is of the opposite sex, they’ve committed a grave sin.