The Jain Festival Of Diwali

There is a very important occasion celebrated by people all over India. This is known as the Festival of Diwali and it is an integral part of the culture. While it is celebrated by those who are Sikhs, Hindus and Jains, each of them has different reasons for celebrating and their own methods of commemorating the day.

One thing that makes it unique as far as Jainism goes is the meaning. For them, this is a celebration of the day that Mahavira achieved Nirvana and gave his final teaching. This is an extremely symbolic time for Jains and this festival gives them the opportunity to express that.

Those who are very religious like to be literal when it comes to showing respect to Mahavira. The way that they do this is by fasting for two days. This is what he did and they feel that following his lead is a sign of reverence. Keep in mind that all Jains do not do this. It is typically done by those who are very religious and focused on being as traditional in their beliefs as possible.

Once he achieved his state of Nirvana, other gods marked this occasion by lighting lamps to illuminate the area. For this reason, people all over India light lamps during the festival. This occasion is five days long and people tend to keep their lamps lit the entire time. Allowing them to burn out and stay unlit is considered by some to be a sign of disrespect.

This is a day that Jains go to the temple in order to learn more about the teachings of Mahavira. Once they have completed this they carry pictures and representations of him through the streets. Parents also take this time to hand out candy to all of the children.

Once Diwali has concluded, there is a festival that follows. This is known as Kartak Purnima. Jains usually use this time to plan trips to one or more of the holy sites.

As you were told earlier, this festival is not celebrated the same by people of all religions, especially if they are an in an intellectual property law firm. This was written to give you some insight on how the Jains celebrate. You will have to do a bit more research if you would like to know how Hindus and Sikhs commemorate the day. While the spirituality may be similar, there are several things that make it very different.

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