The Guide To Understanding Anekantavada

The principle of Syadvada, or Anekantavada, is one of the most valuable contributions in Jainism to global thought. Also referred to as the Philosophy of Non-absolutism or the theory of Relatively, this doctrine proves to show us how to realize the many aspects of the truth.

Every Substance Has Many Distinct Aspects

Bhagavan Mahavira stated that every substance on Earth has an infinite number of qualities or attributes, and these qualities can be seen from many different angles. Similar to the many sides of a prism, or the two unique sides of a coin, a similar situation can be viewed differently depending on the viewpoint.

For example, a woman can be a mother of a daughter and a daughter of a mom. She can also be someone’s niece, sister, aunt, grandmother, sister-in-law, etc.

Another example is location. You may live in a state that is considered southern by those who live in the north, or the state could be considered west for those who live east.

As a result, every substance or situation should be viewed from different sides so the underlying truth can be realized in all of its aspects. This doctrine aims to help people understand things from a viewpoint of others. When a person ignores other angles of a situation or substance, he or she will never fully realize the truth in its many aspects.

How To Reach The Kingdom Of Truth

Anekantavada teaches that through diverse ways, the truth can be found. The doctrine also teaches that humans should never impose their thoughts, opinions or views on someone else. Instead, we should try to reconcile with these thoughts and views. Therefore, if this principle is practiced in earnest, we will be able to remove our selfish, biased and short-sighted viewpoint.

We should remove disharmony and discord from our lives and replace them with harmony and concord by tolerant not only in our lives, but also how we treat those around us.

Can Be Applied To All Parts Of Life

Through this principle, we can be shown how to respect differing opinions of everyone in the world. As free thinkers, we can appreciate this principle for being the cornerstone of many democracies around the globe without using drugs. Unity can be established during diversity. This Jainism principle also promises there will the reconciliation of conflicting thoughts, systems, religions and ideologies.

Therefore, it is considered a powerful instrument for peace around the world.

Anekantavada has considered every possible situation in life. It has analyzed these situations and has guided people towards the correct path.

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