Finding Jain Resources In NYC

Jains often travel for business, which makes New York City a popular location to frequent. Anyone who’s ever traveled to a new place in a different country will understand the culture shock associated with the experience. It might be difficult to find information that you need — especially if you find yourself in hot water with the law or another organization through no real fault of your own. Here are a few resources that our Jain friends and family might find useful when in NYC.

New York City resident, founder, and president of International Ahimsa Foundation Neeta Jain has employed the principles of her religion using the organization she built. Was was the first Indian American to become an elected official in NYC, serving as Democratic district leader for the 25th Assembly District (B). She also serves as president for the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Democratic Club of Queens.

Jains rarely find themselves in situations requiring a trial lawyer, but it happens on occasion. Those who do may visit for more information on what might happen during a trial, their local courthouse to find more information on the processes related to serving on a jury, or the local Jain temple to consult with a priest for spiritual guidance.

Those looking for help related to Jain matters (or who are having trouble in the new location) might find insight by visiting the Jain Center of America on Ithaca Street in Queens. A temple is located there. This location is actually the very first that was ever recorded or registered as a Jain religious center in the United States all the way back in 1976. For those who would simply like to celebrate with like-minded individuals, there are a number of activities available for various age groups all year long (but contact the center before going, because the facility might still be operating at reduced capacity because of COVID-19.

The Jain Temple of New York is located at 271-09 80th Ave in New Hyde Park. The temple is open to the public from 7 to 10 AM every Monday through Friday, but the evening Aarti is conducted at 7:40 PM. Hours are extended until noon on weekends.

Keep in mind that the temple’s priests ask visitors to be safe. They write: “…As per NY State regulation, all members visiting the temple are required to have face covering at all times during their visit to the temple. For the safety of our members, you will be requested to leave the temple if you do not comply with this regulation… Please note: Given the current situation, JYNY, BOT and EC cannot be held liable for your visit to the temple so we request all members to use your judgment when visiting the temple and observe all regulations put forth by the government.”