What Is Ahisma And How To Apply It In Your Life

What is Ahimsa and how can you practice it in your daily life? Read on to learn more about Ahimsa. We will also explain how to practice it.

What Is Ahimsa
In short, it is the practice of not harming anything living, and this goes for lifeless objects too. The practice is more about intent instead of committing action. For example, it doesn’t necessarily mean to not harm or kill because this is inevitable if you eat meat or plants or if you accidentally step on insects. What it really is all about is being non-violent and having a benevolence attitude.

Furthermore, Ahimsa is a major component of yoga. If you want to live a yogic life and a more fulfilling one, then you should practice it. Below are a few ways you can do it.

Don’t be violent towards living things is how you can apply Ahimsa to your daily life. This can be interpreted different ways, but generally speaking you want to do your best to not lose your temper and lay hands on another person or anything living. If possible, you should try to go vegan or eat foods that do the least amount of damage to the environment.

Another thing you want to do is be as friendly to the earth as you possibly can be. Recycle whenever you have the opportunity to do so and do don’t litter. Instead of getting around via car, you should walk and take bike rides. Not only that, but support local farmers markets and local businesses because they don’t rely on transportation as much as larger companies.

A good way to practice Ahimsa is to get out of a negative mindset and keep your mind and body healthy. Don’t do drugs or take part in self-harm, and be compassionate towards others. You can do small things such as give people compliments, smile at them because they will smile back and this will make you feel good. Every time you get up in the morning, think of the things you are the most grateful for and then say thank you for those things before you head to bed in the evening.

There are many benefits of practicing Ahimsa. Now that you know how to implement it into your daily life, you should definitely do it. As time goes by, you will start to notice the benefits and you will feel better and more empowered and at ease with yourself and the world.