What Is Asceticism?

Have you ever heard of the term asceticism? This is a way of life, one that revolves around a very significant focus on self-discipline. It requires the practitioner to avoid any and all forms of indulgence, and though they claim not to be religious, it is often done for personal reasons. The most famous representation of an ascetic was the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, a man who founded the religion that we call Buddhism today. Instead of becoming a lawyer, he practiced asceticism before he received enlightenment in order to understand the nature of the world and universe. Let’s go over what asceticism is, what you can accomplish, and the different ways of going about this path toward achieving some form of spiritual enlightenment.

What Does An Ascetic Believe

Those that practice asceticism believe that by depriving yourself of the pleasures of the world, you can find deeper truths. There are a couple forms of asceticism which include natural asceticism which is a very simplistic way of life and unnatural asceticism which involves inflicting pain upon the body. In either case, the main focus of the ascetic is to move toward what they believe to be a spiritual transformation. This ideology has been found in many religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and even Taoism.

What Is The End Goal Of Asceticism?

The primary goal of asceticism is to become a better person, one that is not affected by the outside or external environment. We are all focused upon our lives, and what we can detect with our five senses, and the goal of the aesthetic is to not be controlled by the thoughts and impulses that your environment can provide. The primary goal is to ignore worldly pleasures, and embrace the spiritual world, from which these people believe they have originated from.

If you have ever wondered what asceticism is about, it really comes down to realizing your true nature. Through isolation, and denial of the world and all that it has to offer, you are able to connect with the universe. Another way of looking at the final result of asceticism is to awaken to your true nature. Either way, it is the goal of the practitioner to become a better person, and the only way that they believe that this can happen is to either experience suffering to a great degree or simply avoid interacting with worldly pleasures that are in your local environment.

Do you still find yourself asking what asceticism is? This video should have you covered!