Think of These Things
by Sudhir M. Shah

A collection of articles, inquiring and addressing many of our practices, with an alternate approach. What is presented here ia A view-point and not THE view-point. Please examin it before accepting or rejecting it. Jain Education for the Digital Age
Are we going on the right path
Is 'Kevljnan' Static or Dynamic
What you believe... You can achieve
Anekant of the Jains... The Science of Peace
Parasparopgraho Jivanam
Significance of Aparigraha
Practical Ways of overcoming Anger
At the Root of Root Vegetables
Gheeboli in Jainism
The Future of Jain Dharma Demands Change
Inclusiveness is a key to Unity
Le'go that Ego
Vegetarianism is not a synonym for Ahimsa
Temples in Jain Philosophy
Let us learn to Forgive... Truly
Jain Education Revisited
Are women Impure during their menstrual cycle?
Paradoxical Commandments