On-Line Pathshala

Man, when he first opened his eyes, must have been astonished to see the infinite variety of things and phenomena around him. When he closed his eyes, he must have been equally astonished with his capacity to look into the world within. This capacity of observing the self in association with the surroundings as well as independently has made us unique in the animal kingdom. This was the beginning of the long journey into the labyrinth of knowledge. In this journey, let us take a first step on just one of the pathways of that hitherto unconquered labyrinth; the pathway known as Jainism.

This on-line pathshala is our modest attempt to open up a new way of educating, inspiring and promoting Jain values in our audience, especially among youngsters. Our approach here, is intended to be non traditional and free from dogmatism, fanaticism or extremism.

The basic principles of Jainism are scientific and the ‘truths’ presented in our scriptures are universal, however, their interpretations and thus applications have to be done in the context of time and space in which we find ourselves. The principles of Jainism do not require us to believe in things contrary to our common sense.

"I do not favor Mahavir, nor am I prejudiced against Kapil etc. I would accept any one’s statement provided I find it true on examination." - Loktattva-Nirnaya of Haribhadrasuri

"Would the system established by ancestors hold true on examination? In case it does not, I am not here to justify it for the sake of saving the traditional grace of the dead, irrespective of the wrath – I may have to face." - Dwatrinshika of Siddhasen

“That which is old has become so only by passing away (with passage of time). That which is new is also going to become old. Old does not mean stable or irrefutable, who would accept without examining what has been labeled as old” - Dwatrinshika of Siddhasen