What Does It Mean to Achieve Moksha In Jainism?

The idea of liberation is important in Jainism is one of its core tenets.

It is spoken about in detail by monks and those involved in Jainism because it’s the greatest meaning of life for a believer. Those who can attain Moksha are the ones who can move on and get to the next step as a being.

Let’s take a look at what it means to achieve Moksha in Jainism.

What Is Moksha?

Moksha or Mokkha is a Sanskrit term used to describe liberation in Jainism.

A person is stuck in a karmic bond as a human being, and that’s what Moksha aims to break through. A person can attain a new state of bliss by liberating him or herself from the disabilities of karma. A soul that can get to this stage is termed as being a “Siddha,” which is one of the highest states in Jainism.

To get to this state, a person has to go through mokṣamārga or a path to liberation as described by Jainism and its texts.

Those who can do this get liberated and can move on as a soul. While everyone else has to remain in the current cycle until they do so.

How Is It Achieved?

What does it take for a person to achieve Moksha as a believer? This is the question asked by those who go through the process.

To achieve Moksha or liberation, a believer has to go through the path of liberation involving samyagjñāna (knowledge), samyagdarśana (perception), and samyakcāritra (conduct). A person has to go through various stages to get past the delusions of life and ensure he/she attains liberation before dying.

If not, he/she goes back into the cycle as before due to their karmic bond.

Those who set themselves towards this objective are heralded in Jainism.

What Are The Results of Achieving Moksha?

Since a person is involved in a karmic bond involving life and death (cyclical), it is important to achieve moksha to relieve oneself of this bond. This is what the human being has to push for according to Jainism, or he/she will continue to go through the cycle.

Those who can achieve Moksha can reside in Siddhashila, which is the apex of the universe according to Jainism. This is where a person has infinite wisdom, faith, and perfection while they move away from their mortal body.

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