Learning Tools

As a teacher and educator, I was used to using a lot of teaching material in the class to teach a given subject. While teaching Jainism to children I found that there was little or no material to teach them in a fun and creative way. Whatever was available was copied and recopies several times. The resulting poor quality, often ineligible copies were being circulated. Pathshala teachers are all volunteers. Although they are enthusiastic and committed individuals, they often lack the training and time to develop effective teaching tools. Thanks to JAINA education committee, we now have high quality pathshala books for pathshala children and youths. There is however a genuine need to develop age appropriate teaching material, lesson plans and classroom tools for teachers.

Here is our attempt to provide classroom and in-home supporting material and games, which have been developed using latest research and techniques in the field of education and has been tested by pathshala teachers, parents and students.