How Does The Concept Of Karma Work In Jainism?

The term “karma” has gained worldwide usage as time has gone on but it has a direct correlation with Jainism.

For Jainism, life revolves around the idea of karma and the karmic bond a person is put in until he/she liberates themselves. It is important for those who follow Jainism to understand what life means through the concept of karma. Let’s take a look at what the concept of karma means in Jainism and how it works.

Meaning of Life

To understand the principle of Karma through Jainism, it’s important to recognize how it ties in with the meaning of life.

In general, Jainism states a human being is trapped in the temporal world as a mortal due to a karmic bond that’s present. This bond keeps the person in a cycle of life and death until he/she liberates themselves. If this doesn’t take place, they remain in the bond.

Those who can understand how karma works recognize the importance of liberating themselves by achieving good karma.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the idea of a psycho-cosmology that weighs good vs. evil actions.

For example, a person that lies might be attracting negative karma, and that has an impact on a person’s path to liberation in Jainism. Those who continue to sin or get lost in the vices of mortality give into this karmic bond and trap themselves. While those who don’t continue to progress through the various stages of Moksha.

Karma is a way to illustrate each decision a person makes has an overarching impact on his/her life. It is not lost in the moment.

A person who does a good deed can be rewarded for it later on whether it’s in the temporal world or on the path to liberation. While those who commit a harmful act will be hurt in the temporal world or their journey to Moksha.

Karma is used to understand why human beings have to go through suffering on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is murders, rapes, or a simple case of corruption, it is karma that is playing a role for all involved parties. A person who commits a bad deed now will pay for it due to the overarching psycho-cosmology.

It is also used as a way to illustrate why a person is put into this world and what’s expected of him/her moving forward.