Anekant Education Foundation is dedicated to Jain Education for children, youth as well as for adults on the path of self discovery and self mastery (Jina). Ahimsa (Respect for the life of the other), Anekantvad (Respect for the views of the other) and Aparigraha (Respect for our environment) are at the core of Jain way of life. As we embark into the NEW millennium, it is a good time to re-evaluate our practices as well as the paradigm these practices are based on. This web site is such an attempt to present Jain philosophy, ahimsa, anekantvad, aparigraha and its link to spirituality with an alternate approach and technique, that is free from dogma and blind faith.

Regardless of your religion, gender, nationality or philosophical outlook, you are bound to learn something new here.

“First is Knowledge, then Compassion; that is how the disciplined live.
How would an ignorant discriminate between good and evil?”

— Dashvaikalik Sutra

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